SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: 28 & Feeling Sexy!

12:00 AM

Buying smaller clothes is a mental game. I have never been this "small" and in my head I am NOT that small. My first instinct when I walk into a clothing store is head to the "Plus-size" section. I am no longer plus-size.

Anyone who has lost weight knows that feeling. Those who have lost 100 pounds PLUS, like me, can relate. Being Super-Sized Stef is what I am used too. When I go on dates, I look at him like, "Am I this small?" When I fall into chest, bury my head in it and he wraps his arms around me like he can almost do it twice.

So weird shopping in the smaller section. So weird being able to get my clothes for $5 now. So weird being able to wear a hoochie-classy dress and feel sexy.

I'm 28 and this is the first time in my life I have felt sexy. Felt desired by someone. Felt 100% fully beautiful in my own skin that I can probably walk around naked letting my cellulite, stretch marks and looks can be free! Yes I have all that. And letting man undress me is weird for me too! Looking at me like I am some Greek Goddess with all my curves. Having him run his hand up and down my body, is a new sensation. Is this TMI? Lol.

Okay, get the picture. 

It's all new to me! Sure I worry about gaining it back if I get pregnant. But I think (and hope) that the day I do become pregnant, I live a HEALTHY pregnancy and continue my fitness routines.  However that will be some time from now and even though I want that, who knows, Maybe God has other plans for me.

You get me though right. 28 and feeling sexy for the first time in my life.

28...who knew!

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Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

45 lbs lost and loving on that feeling! Feels good not having to pay attention to the plus sized side :)