SATURDAYS WITH STEF: Coming into my own skin

12:13 AM

"Fat", "Cow", "Fat Bitch"--You name it, I have been called it. I make no apologies for who I am. I make NO apologies for friends I CHOSE to walk away from, no apologies for making decisions FOR ME. 

The road to my weight loss journey has been interesting.

I am 28 and am barely finding out what I am worth. You know that saying, "You do better when you know better?" I'm doing better. I am so scared that it wont last.Then again, I am so grateful I am having this opportunity to be treated so,so, so good and I am letting God decide my path.

Knowing someone thinks I am the most beautiful thing, naked, is amazing.Knowing I can look at myself in the mirror and say, "You look awesome Stef!" Stretch marks, loose skin, and cellulite is an amazing feeling. A love I have NEVER known...SELF-LOVE.

Coming into my own skin is amazing. I tell ya. Thinking how far I have come is mind blowing when at one point, I thought I was gonna kill myself before the ex killed me. Knowing no one can EVER, EVER hurt me.

Nothing but an open heart, arms and mind from here.

Nothing but love!

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Traci Marie Wolf said...

You are such an inspiration. The last time I lost a bunch of weight, I kept it off for a few years but I only got down to 180. You are proof that it's possible to go lower and I'm finally starting on the journey. Now that Alex is okay, I can focus on myself.