SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: I am SERIOUS when I write this blog post....

12:00 AM

I used to stand in the mirror and cry. Every roll, every stretch mark. At one point, I know I wanted out of this life. If the ex didn't kill me, I was POSITIVE I was gonna do it myself.  Self-love didn't come easy. I didn't wake up one day and say, "HEY! I love you Stef!" Nope. It didn't. It took every ounce to stand in the mirror naked and with both eyes open, face myself.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Self-love comes from within. It comes from finding a big love within your heart and knowing God made you without any mistakes. Telling yourself you're beautiful. Repeating it to yourself. YOU ARE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER!

No one can make you love yourself. This week, I sat back and thought about my past. I truly feel, at 28, I am barely finding out what its like to be treated right. What its like to be kissed with every ounce of their soul.

I finally am finding out that I am a beautiful woman inside and out. I make mistakes. I am far from perfect. Sometimes I look at other women and think. "I hope they find the love I have." A LOVE FOR MYSELF.

And its not because I am thinner. My shell changed, yes. But I am still Stefanie. Just improved. 28 showed me REAL friendships that are GOOD for me. Not women who constantly need to pick out my flaws.

For instance, there was a friend, who I felt was two-faced. She sat and talked a whole lot of crap about this woman and the next thing I know, ate dinner with her. Then had the balls to tell a guy I WAS (not anymore) interested in, that I was, lets quote him, "BALLING" He told me the horrible things she said about me. Every flaw was picked at. I wanted to throw up. How can women be so cruel?

Then I learned....she doesn't love herself. She was so busy posting negative posts about me on Instagram that she saved NO energy for her self-love. 

I felt bad. I was once that girl. But I am not that WOMAN.

See, people will always have something to say about you.

Good. Bad. 

Some of it may be true, most of it is all crap to be honest. 

Find that love within you. Take some time to be alone. Take the time out FOR YOU.

Go and find self-love.

It has been an incredible journey for me...I hope it is for you too!


Claudia ClaKi said...

Dear Stef.
Congrats, You are MATURE!!! There's nothing better than self-love! It allow us to love others...never to love someone more than we love can happen but once you reach Maturity you too good to love someone else more than yourself!

My name is Claudia,
I also have a Blog, I already follow yours, Follow mine if you want to know me a little more:

Big Mark 243 said...

Hey Stef, my name is Mark and I have a blog... I don't care if you follow mine because I write about a bunch of crap..!

BUT, I have followed you from some of those 'less than good days' to now, and the change in you has been amazing... you are so much more beautiful not because of the change in your shell (cause I ALWAYS thought you were that..!) but because your true inner beauty shines even more..!

Way to go... and here is to your continued growth..!