SATURDAY WITH STEF: I have Daddy Issues

12:00 AM

It's hard for me to speak about it. Something I RARELY speak about. My daddy-issues. I have them. Yes, I am admitting I have em. Not as bad as some women because my grandfather stepped in and helped raise me. I have them though.

My dad doesn't win father of the year award. In fact, far from it. He has hurt me unlike any dad who should to a daughter. I love him though...that's my dad.

I sometimes wish I had that father-daughter, bond some women have. I think Id be married with kids by now. My choice in men have been so bad that I know it's because I haven't had any father-figure to lead the way. My grandpa was no angel. I knew this, but what my dad didn't do, he picked up for what he lacked. He attended plays, recitals, the whole sha-bang. Stuff my dad didn't do.

So you might be thinking, "Why is she bringing up her daddy issues? She looks like a basket case now!" Hahahahahaha Well, he's coming tomorrow and every part of me has anxiety. I haven't seen him since my college graduation. It's been years of lies, broken promises and stuff in-between that I don't care to speak on. He's in his 60' he wont ever understand the pain he has put me and my brother through.
He'll be here tomorrow...


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