Be Red Carpet Ready Every Day with Divina Latina Products!

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Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Unilever and Latina Bloggers Connect. 
The holidays are approaching and what does that mean? Red carpet ready- EVERY DAY! Especially for the holiday festivities! You need to be able to look red carpet ready quickly, cheaply and fabulously! You're probably thinking, “There is nothing fabulous about the words, ‘quickly and cheaply’” Oh but there is! I do it all the time! Some look at me like, “How could you have possibly taken only 15 minutes to look as amazing as you do?” 
 It’s easy to answer; I have just ONE cardinal rule on how to be red carpet ready every day! KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS! Find products that work for you, Products that are left on the counter of your vanity (or wherever you get ready). Hair products to tame your tame and skin products to give your skin that healthy glow that shines day or night! 

Here are a few products to help you achieve your inner Divina Latina and be red carpet ready every day!
 Need to tame your tresses? Have no fear! Be red carpet ready with this Divina Latina product by Treseme “Keratin Smooth.” With the cold weather coming up, your hair can be a tad bit frizzy and harder to tame. “Keratin Smooth” by Treseme is the product for you. According to the product information on the CVS website, it’s supposed to control frizz, add smoothness and shine because it is infused with keratin and leaves hair more manageable! It did just that for my wild hair! 
But not only hair can become a problem. To get that glowing skin, try one of Divina Latina products by Ponds “Rejuveness.” According to the CVS website, it’s supposed to firm your skin all while leaving it moisturized. Not to mention, it will reduce wrinkles within two weeks! It’s a win-win for you and your skin! And did you know Divina Latina products are sold at CVS/Pharmacy? 
Also, Divina Latina products are eligible for ExtraBucks. For every $50 spent on beauty products at CVS/pharmacy gets you $5 ExtraBucks! That’s a nifty savings! You can check out Divina Latina on their Facebook page and HERE
So are you gonna shop smartly and head to your nearest CVS/pharmacy for Divina Latina products?

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