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McDonald's Holiday pies are back and if you know me, you know these are my absolute favorite! Which means...The holiday's are here. Which also means lots of lonely people wanting to feel that human connection with someone even if its just a cuddle.

I wish I can talk about my dating status...but there is none!

I decided not to date. I was screwed over. At least I think so. Who knows. I feel like I am gonna grow up to be like Jennifer Lopez...a string of lovers and no one really to claim. Unless like her, I find a cub. lol. Which looks like that's all I'm getting.

Anyways....I get so scared that I am gonna end up alone. 

I know Im not...but are men really not gentlemen anymore?

I just want them to buy me holiday pies and wine!

I want a good man!

Oh Santa...I mean I have others to date. I text a lot. lol. I dunno if I am ready though. Fear of getting hurt. Rejection. 

The single life is the thug life.....

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Traci Marie Wolf said...

You won't end up alone forever and I know this season is hard for you but you will get your Prince Charming, I know you will. It's just going to take some time to find a man worthy of you. I think J-Lo doesn't like to commit and that's why she is a serial dater. She likes men that aren't the best for her, that's not your issue, you want the best which is why it hasn't been going well, but it will. I know it!