SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: The Monster Inside My Head

12:00 AM

Looking back on my life, I have never really stood up for myself. Until now. I'm always asking myself, "Is it worth it?" With EVERY THING and EVERY ONE!

Im 28. I'm too old to be playing games or messing with anyone or any thing that doesn't add value to my life. My head and heart are ALWAYS at war. Always!

The monster in my head is always trying to figure things out. Always thinking past it's bed time. Always jumping the gun. A;ways telling me my heart is wrong. Always intervening.

But my heart ALWAYS win. I'm at a cross roads right now and I am so torn. My head, the monster, is LOGICAL! But often it's proved it's wrong. 

I don't know what will come of this situation. I just have to have faith that God is laughing at me and has something great in store for me. 


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