REVIEW: Avec-Moi- Lady Chic Plus

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It’s finally feeling like winter here in Los Angeles! Cold weather, sweaters and hot chocolate fill the air! Lady Chic Plus sent me some hosiery products to review for you guys! I wish I could have worn them sooner, but Mother Nature, had hot weather up until recently! However! Here I am with a review! 
So to give you some background, Lady Chic Plus is a European line of hosiery products for curvy women. All products, to quote them, “are made with the highest quality.” Their collection is found HERE and includes tights, stay-ups, knee-high socks, fishnets, seamless leggings and bamboo products! 
So shall we begin? 
 I reviewed the “Paulette” which is a leggings Capri
 Found HERE
I absolutely LOVED them!
 I will tell you my whole rant behind my reason! I see way too many women wearing leggings that are see-through and you can see EVERY dimple. Which is fine, to each their own, but I find the less skin shown, the better and leggings should be able to FLATTER you. These leggings not only were high quality, but they flattered my curves and skin to the max! I was surprised on how amazing the felt. As if I was literally wearing nothing (hahaha) but looked amazing at the same time! 
They also sent me the “Beatrice 40 Den” (found HERE) which was regular tights (I can’t wait to wear those!) 

Do I recommend this hosiery line: MOST DEFINITELY! You can check out Avec-Moi & Lady Chic Plus HERE!


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