SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Holiday Dating Rant...

12:00 AM

Being single during the holiday's SUCK! That I wont lie about. However, I also wont lie about the freedom I have. I chopped my hair off, not COMPLETELY, but I think you can see in the pic my bun is smaller.

I dated this year. A string of guys who all taught me something. I had a man take me to do things I have never done: Shoot a gun, eat sushi, have drinks on the tallest building in DTLA, etc. Spoiled me rotten with "firsts." I had a young one I called "Cub" who was just a reminder I was WAYY too old mentally and really love the fact I LOVE nights IN-HOUSE. LOL. None of this club crap.

There was more. Still some. 

Not sure if I am ready to settle down with any of them because I haven't had that "moment" of realization I NEED them in my life.

Which, now leads me too...NEEDING someone. I was raised WAY differently than most girls. My mom made sure I didn't NEED a man. I hold my own. That's who I am.
If a man wants to add value to my life...AWESOME!

As I lost and am losing weight, I see things clearer. The path the man up above has for me has been...interesting to say the least. So with that said...I am marrying Adam Levine. JUST KIDDING! Maybe. Who knows! 

But I am dating with open arms, an open heart, an open mind and open soul. 

                                   CHEERS TO US WHO ARE SINGLE!

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