SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: 2014- Building a Life I love

12:00 AM

I let go of someone and some things the last day of December. Not that I am sweeping it under the rug, but I deserve to be happy this year. I am in control of my own happiness. I am my own author! I write the chapter to 2014. I am the one who decides how I feel. No one else.

I am at a point in my life where if it doesn't make me money or happy, I'm OUT. Easy as that. I applied for a few Full-Time jobs and I am praying and hopeful, this is the year I land one. Steady income is a must!

Deciding to let someone go and let some things go was tough. My dad situation I really am just done with. I have never felt so violated in my life other than when my ex abused me the way he did. I am a daughter. You're not suppose to do something like that at all. I learned a lot form that alone.

My life isn't perfect, No one's is. But I am building one that will be MY KIND of perfect. My kind of happiness. I wont always be happy, but I need to let go of what holds me down.

2014 will be the year things come full circle for me. The pieces I collected in 2013 will start fitting together and I will be the life I love.

2014 is MY year!

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