SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Lesson of the Week- When the Past Calls...Don't Answer!

12:00 AM

Anyone who thinks losing weight is a walk in the park is nuts. I have spoke about it not only being physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual. At least for me it's spiritual.

I don't know where this post will lead, but you're gonna have to bare with me. As much as I love dating, it blows! Knowing you're not for someone, knowing someone isn't for you. Being rejected, having to reject. It's like a puzzle, you're just trying to find your fit.

Someone for my past called me. Why I answered, no fricken clue! I know better, when the past calls, it usually has nothing new to say. He wanted me to take him on a date. Confused, I said, "Shouldn't you be asking me out instead of asking me to ask you out?" He said, "No, I'm serious. Lets go get beer and tacos. Your treat since you're looking like you do now. I don't have a job or car, it would brighten my day."

-Blank stare-

I was so disturbed. I called my Best Friend, "Can you believe that!!" She laughed but the more I thought about it. When we were involved, he didn't have a car nor a steady job that lasted more than a few weeks. Why I didn't see THAT back then is summed up to me not feeling good about myself, therefore I accepted any kind of love even if it was artificial.

With that said, dating blows. I just want a man who asks to take me out, already has a place picked out, a plan, picks me up, and makes me have the time of my life. Granted this summer I had that and things between dude and I didn't work out, it would be nice to have that again.

Seeing WHAT I dated in the past really makes me embarrassed. I dated BOYS, not men.

I guess now that I KNOW better, I DO better. 

End of rant.

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Kitterz said...

Isn't that the lesson in respecting and loving yourself? =)

Good that you recognize it than go back on the progress you have made.