SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: My Female Friendships

12:00 AM

I have never been one of those women who say, "I rather have male friends." As much as I love my male friends to death (If you know me, you know I have many male friends but a few very special ones) I have ALWAYS thought female friendships are necessary and healthy for women. Women understand women. 

I have made it a point to form bonds with other women who EMPOWER other women. That's important to me as a human being, as a woman.

Lately there has been this woman, who is just an acquaintance, taking jabs or trying to "up" me. I have never in my life done this to another woman. To see this woman post a remark opposite of mine regarding the same subject, made me sad for her. I showed my best friend, mom, and a few friends. I was little weirded out. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt how sad she must feel. How insecure she must be. Women who are secure, who are confident with themselves, don't go around counter other women's thoughts, feelings, posts, statuses. They just don't. 

I don't get some women. Nor do I waste my time trying to understand them. I am not like them, therefore I will never fully wrap my head around the women who try to UP other women.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful women who EMPOWER other women. Who believe in the same positivity as me. These are the women I appreciate the most in my life because they keep my world full of love and life. 

They are the definition of beauty.

I still stand strong in my belief that female friendships are important in a woman's life. I am so grateful for mine and those who I am destined to form bonds with.

Cheers to the beautiful women in my life!

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Veronica Glam said...

Keep standing strong Stef, you are doing WONDERFUL!