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Dating sucks!

Yeah I said it....I know what you're thinking, "But Stef you said its fun!" It is...but what ISN'T fun is when you don't know someones intentions. 

Here's the thing. You will ALWAYS know what I want. I make that clear. I would never wanna lead a man on, confuse him or make him feel less of a man.

If I'm not feeling it, I will let you know.

Do I expect the SAME in return? OF COURSE NOT!

But truthfully, that's what I WANT. 

If a man wants to have sex with me and only sex....dude needs to be upfront. Not that I'm gonna give it to him. But it would be nice for him to just be honest. Don't take me out on several dates just to use me. Like any other woman, I have needs and wants. But I hate being lead on. Want me as a bed-buddy...TELL ME. Make that clear. Make it so crystal clear that I don't even invest ANY type of emotions and I can re-name you in my phone so I know not to pick up.

This is where men feel the need to walk on glass. 

Maybe I am the only woman who feels that way.

Then there are men who want to date me but go about it so weird. "What are you doing tonight?" and when I reply, "Nothing." Don't say, "Oooh" then two days later say, "Well you were doing nothing and you didnt hint you wanted to go out." What am I? a psychic? Ummm no!


Be clear about what you want.

That's all I ask.

Because something that's fun turns to caca really quick when I find out real intentions and when it seems shady.

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