12:00 AM

I don't care for lots of people.

Cheaters. Liars. Selfish people. Takers. The list can go on.

Yesterday I turned off my phone and only set it to favorites. Apparently a certain woman had a problem with that after I caught her in a lie.
Don't call my cell from a private number to show me more of your bad energy. Why they do that is BEYOND me!

Did it bother me? No. I will tell you why....She doesn't pay my cell phone bill &  in all honesty, once I know you have two-faces, I am done with you.  Like "POOF BE GONE!" done. Deleted, blocked, the whole works.

Negative souls aren't allowed in my world.

I once lived with a negative soul who made my soul negative and now that I am living a positive-healthy life, negativity is not accepted. 

I guess you can say this is growing up.

Maybe me making changes with people in my life has been a constant lately. Gods way of showing me true colors, who I can and can't trust. This process is EXHAUSTING! Beyond exhausting mentally.

If you cant be real, honest, positive and kind-hearted, you don't belong in my life.
I dont care if it's friends, family, one is an exception to MY personal rule!




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Unknown said...

OMG... you look so small! Amazing! and girl there's always negative people. I also go through stuff like that all the time. I just ignore them and keep going :)