REVIEW: The Dottie Scarf by FRAAS the scarf Company

12:00 AM

Spring is here and nothing makes a plain tee, simple dress even cuter than a cute Scarf!

FRAAS the Scarf Company, has all your scarf needs to make your look dressed, cute and simple! However, these scarves are FAR from simple! The Spring-Summer 2014 collection has many unique and striking options.

At the top of their looks in the collection is the scarf called Dottie. Sots are always a popular pattern. This scarf in particularly is chic because of its fresh, new color range: turquoise, yellow, pink, green an taupe. The polyester drapes beautifully and can also be worn as a wrap! The Dottie retails for $32 and will last you years so you'll never have to worry about low quality.

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Or you can get your very own at any department or specialty stores as well as online retailers. You also can order from the company by calling (212) 575-0191. Select styles are available on and

*Disclosure* Lipton Publicity provided me a road test sample

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