12:00 AM

Life has dealt me some shitty cards. I've sucked it up, figured how to fix it, get through it, and move on.

My mom brought something up, I never used the, "Poor me" card. I was thinking about it and I never did. I chucked it up to a lesson. Even though it hurt like hell when I was going through it, I knew storms didnt last forever. I just needed to start swimming, keep swimming, and hope that with the love of my mom, family and friends, that I make it to shore.

I've made it to shore.

So, you're probably wondering..."Umm okay Stef...?" 

Recently, someone close to me has made some comments about how I amazing I am. I can't go into detail, but I thought, "Did you forget I had to work damn hard to become the woman I am?"

They were there when EVERYTHING happened.

I was boggled.

I paid a price to become who I am today and I am pretty damn amazing. 

I dont wish that upon ANYONE, the price I had to pay.

I worked on myself for THREE years. I didnt date, I didnt party, I focused on ME!

I learned how to love myself in solitude. I learned that in order to be loved, I needed to love myself.

I took THREE years to find myself.

I took THREE years to work on myself.

I took THREE years to love myself.


Best romance EVER!

I've been through things and I open up to you guys because I believe in order for me to grow as a human, a woman, I need to be ME...HONEST....RAW, REAL!

My struggles, some of you cry with me. You comfort me. You inspire me. 


I always say, "If I can help save ONE woman's life-then I can die and know my time on Earth was spent well." 

I just wanna change ONE life. 

I want someone to look at me and say, "Because of Stef, I didnt give up."

Because of YOU guys, I don't give up..



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