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1 point plus pitas! Yeah, you heard Right! I get so many questions about the infamous 1pp pitas...so here ya go!

Kermanig Bakery does Road shows at Costco and whenever I get their email, I swing by to pick up a few of these babies to freeze em AMAZING low-calorie, low point pitas!

They have other varieties that are too die for! Honestly, I can just eat one of their flavored pitas and be happy. Thats how good they are!

- Regular : TRIED WONDERFUL! Only ONE point in WW point plus!

- Jalapeño & Cheese Focaccia

- Rustic Olive Focaccia- Awesome !!

- Garlic & Cheese Focaccia- MY FAVORITE!!! 6 points for the whole pita. I could eat these FOREVER!

-Za'atar Focaccia with Oregano and Olive Oil

-Spinach 'N Cheese Focaccia-Amazing! 6 points for the whole pita!

- Spicy Spinach Focaccia

-Tomato & Mushroom Focaccia: TRIED...Taste like REAL pizza sauce on pizza bread

-Whole Wheat Tomato & Mushroom Focaccia

We got THREE bags of ANY kind for $12....On the site it is $8 (so worth it though) If you can get to a Costco, I would grab these (Try the samples before buying!) and pick em up there!

and you can order em! Check them out HERE

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