12:00 AM

I was watching old Youtube videos of me and it occurred to me that I talk bad about myself an awful lot.

I was really saddened by this. 

I always encourage you guys to stay positive and be kind to yourself yet there I am, talking shit to myself!

Yeah I used the word shit. 

It made me feel sad, embarrassed and I had to think, "How can I fix this?"

Granted my soul feels like it's in stormy waters right now and I am feel bad about myself.

I still should talk positive to myself.

I would feel like crap if I talked that way to a total stranger.

I call myself a " Loser" several times...

Am I really a loser?


Some people would NEVER in their life be able to walk a mile in my shoes.

Every day my mom works, I cook for my family.
They have a hot meal.

Every day I clean up after my family.
They have a clean house.

I know someone who thinks it's BENEATH them to do such things for their own family.

Some day I will be doing it for my very OWN family.

I do a lot despite not having a part-time or even Full-time job.

I do a lot.

I am not a loser.

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