SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: I'll be okay....

12:00 AM

The other day I read a woman's post about how she only lost a pound. How that wasn't her goal. How that's not "the plan." 

After I gave her a little pep talk on how it took me 7 years to reach goal weight, I thought about MY plan.

God laughs at our plans by the way.

My life hasn't turned out to be the picture I had wanted it to be painted, you know, the one in my head. 

That's okay.

I know God never takes away something without bringing something better into your life.
He always does.

I am excited for my future.

Who I will meet, what adventures I'll go on and just in general.

Maybe I got tired of crying.

Okay, I did.

I have learned to accept the things I cannot change and change what I can.

I'm okay.

I will be okay. 


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