SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: My lesson with Mr.Cochino

12:00 AM

I had downloaded Tinder to keep me entertained. Chatted with a few men here and there, but I deleted the app. 

I'm not looking anymore.

The last dude who humiliated and degraded me really through me for a loop.

I had spoken to him after the incident. He admitted fault, but then something happened and I had to ask him to NEVER contact me again. I think his character as a human being is just filthy and I don't want to be with a man who embodies a man whore.

Pardon my french.

I remember the day before I met him. I was so happy and care-free. My love life was non-existent but I was so comfortable in my solitude that I didn't have a worry about the path God will lead me too.

I think God had me meet Mr.Cochino. I let my guard down and opened myself up to him.

It was God's lesson: It's okay to be vulnerable....

I also truly believe it was God's lesson to teach me, I cant keep trying to put back what he has taken away.

Mr.Cochino was always put back and God kept taking him away. Like, "Stef, why are you trying to keep this dude in your life, don't you know I'm trying to remove him and I will continue you to do so until you learn that I am the one who determines who is for you."

I'm not worrying about love.

God has someone amazing for me.

No online stuff either. The men were creepers. 

I'm good in that department.

God's time. 

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