12:00 AM

Lately someone who I used to see has been texting me. At first I thought, "Hey! Turns out we can be friends, maybe he has changed" 

To give a small insight on why we arent seeing each othr anymore: I found out he was sleeping around and not using a condom. Now, I dont care what a man does who isnt mine, but when I find out he's out there giving away the popcicle to every woman willing to spread her legs, then Im turned off and I put him in a "X" zone. Meaning we will never be intimate or cool again.

Like I have done with Mr.Cochino recently. 

So being a kind hearted, forgiving woman, we texted as if we were homies. Boy am I naive. Dude wants to just have sex with me. 

-Blank stare-

Do I look like a good time ONLY girl ? I dont think so.

And to be honest, even if I wanted too (I have needs and wants too ya know) what makes him think I would sleep with him knowing he has sex with every damn girl in sight? Mr.Cochino does that. I dont want a man who has been every where with every girl. It's disgusting to me.

Granted we all have pasts. I'm no angel....but once I find out a man is a "man whore" Im just completely repulsed.

Hitting a woman up for sex is just sleazy....and makes them look desperate.  They may be desperate, but I am certainly not!

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