Weight Watchers Wednesday: The Balance Act

12:00 AM

Now that I am working Full-time, I cam home Monday in complete tears. A little brain overload from work, duh! But not really. I went from having NO real job to actually having one in zero to five seconds. I started thinking, "How am I gonna make time?" 

Then I started to think, "When am I gonna eat besides lunch? Can I eat snacks?"

My boss is such a sweet heart that I told her I am so used to eating at certain times lol. She said I can snack, but then on my drive home I was like "When can I workout?"

Then again I started to ball.

I cried to my mom and friends and they said, "You need to adjust! You need to FIND the time" So Tuesday I did. I came home, ate and went on my jog.

I was completely tired but it felt so good.

So for all you busy bees out there, how do you make time?

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