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Am I the only woman who feels like online dating isn't for them? I downloaded Tinder again and I will be honest, I just cannot get into it. Something seems so unconventional about online dating.

I want to interact with a man. Have that first initial REAL, IN PERSON encounter. The flirting with the eyes, the hint of a smile, the anticipation of , "Is he gonna approach me?"

I ahvent given up on love and I will fight for it.
But sometimes I feel like BAIT online. The way guys speak to me is as if I am meat.

I shut it down.

I get scared.

I delete the app.

In that order.

I have heard so many success stories from online dating that it gives me hope. I just am so afraid of it. I still have this whimsical dream in my head that me and my future husband will meet in a crowded bar and he will smile at me like he's seen gold.

Or something like that.

I dunno. Maybe I just need to give online dating a chance.

Its a new era and this is the "Thing" to do....right?

Ugh but the creeps!



Big Mark 243 said...

While it doesn't seem to be as risky for men, I definitely understand where you are coming from... men get to say things under the cover of online anonymity that they would not dare say in person... and they get to be their own fracture imitation of what kind of "man" they imagine themselves to be... that said...

...BUT the problem with meeting someone random IRL is that people are too darn busy and sometimes they put forth a front that is more concealing than being online... so in short, you can't win either way..! Just don't get desperate and don't do something you are not comfortable with..!

864 said...

I understand online dating can be difficult, but just like meeting someone in person, you need to sift through the BS. I have never used Tinder, but I have heard most people use it for just hookups. You may have a better experience. What i suggest is that you state what you are looking for. State you aren't into hookups and that they shouldn't waste their time. Some will still try, but people are creeps. Anyway god luck.

B said...

Okay lovely, I've never heard of Tinder but is it a paid service? If not, I'd say move on. Match and EHarmony are better picks because while creepers are everywhere, they are less likely to pay $39.99/month for a hookup. Just sayin'...

And also, I found online dating to be pretty efficient because you put it ALL out there and THEN decide if you're interested. Versus dating a guy for 3 weeks before he casually mentions that he doesn't believe in God. Meanwhile had I met him online I would have come across his profile that stated "Religion: None". So yes, online dating isn't for everyone but I'm pretty sure you'll have a better experience if you explore the elite dating sites. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Well u look amazing in person, maybe now because of your new found sexuality you intimidate men. A different type of deturrent.