Let's Go Swimming!

9:00 AM

It’s August and if you’re like me, a swimsuit is a must! In fact, I wish I could just run around in a swim suit. Most of you have seen my Swimsuit from Swimsuitsforall and how much I just love it. Though, I need variety, so I went on an online hunt to get styles that would cater to my body type: Curvy. 
Browsing the web, I came across some really gorgeous ones. Ones that made me say, “Oooh! Aahhhhh!” So I wanted to share my swimsuit picks before I made a purchase! 
I came across a few pretty ones. In fact, I wish I could buy them all! The first “gimmie!gimmie!gimmie!” swimsuit came from One Stop Plus. It’s called, “Tropiculture” which is a black meshed draped swimsuit (Found here) that I could totally see myself wearing. It reminded me of something Marilyn Monroe would wear. Enhances the curves yet hides the parts of me that I want hidden, like my tummy. 
 The second one I saw was from Khols. As you can tell by now, I love something that is timeless, yet says “Stef!” It’s the Coastal Zone Textured Halter One-Piece Swimsuit (Found here ). Something abut this swimsuit reminded me of the swimsuits I saw while in Puerto Rico. Chic yet cute.
 The third one is from JcPenny and called the “Robby Len” by Longitude (found here: (Found here) . Even though this one wasn’t as classic and timeless beauty like the first two, the colors just stood out to me! I pictured myself wearing my curly hair with big bright shades on (did you envision it too?) 
What do you think of these beauties? And which one do you see me in? 

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