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This past week was full of such raw emotions. I started thinking about the feelings of losing my grandma and how much the wound still feels open. How much pain my pain is in. I am smiling, laughing but she's gone....Just not here to hug.

This past week I saw people for who they really are. Some are close to me and turned out to be selfish. Expecting me to be there for them yet here I am still trying to carry this sadness without cracking. People who I thought understood this pain turned out to be selfish. Beyond selfish.

Then theres some who I saw were just not good women. Women who are two-faced.  Women who knocked other women down and thought, "Well I can because I am the leader..." It was so disgusting to see women who were about love and peace let other women tear down other women. 

Maybe I am going through growing pains.

Maybe I see things differently.

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Unknown said...

<3 I understand you completely
I love how happy you look in the pics u posted of your Saturday night.