VLOG: I quit my Job

9:48 AM


864 said...

I'm sorry the job was not a good fit for you. DO you have any employment opportunities in the works? I know I have emailed you privately and made some suggestions about job searches. i hope they helped. Good luck

Unknown said...

Tight hugz! I completely agree with you and did the same leaving a high paying job for one in the non-profit sector.
It's difficult and a HUGE pay cut BUT I am HAPPY... Healthier and STILL a FULL TIME MOM - as my job understands that is important to me and worked there long enough to know I won't take advantage of their support.
This company is FAMILY and the best decision ever. At times it's very difficult to remember that but 90% of the time it is fresh in my mind.
Good luck and may you find the perfect company for you.

Meli F said...

Good for you! I've been there and let me tell you... It was the best decisions I've ever made. Good luck on your job search, you will find something that you absolutely love! ��