Saturday's with Stef: The Anonymous Text

12:00 AM

I got another job.

 God is good.

Life has put me through some battles that I surely thought I wouldn't win. I cried my heart out and even felt like tossing in the towel but there I was, on two feet...wobbling, shaking, but hell! I was standing. I cried to my friend Nick and I asked him, "Do things ever fall into place?" He said, "No. There will always be something."

Not the answer I was looking for. But he was right. Everything is temporary, even the air we inhale has to get exhaled. You just learn to deal with it.

See, I keep my life an open book because I know what it's like to fight endlessly. I am not one of those people who sugar-coats things. Life isn't sugar-coated. Life can suck. You name it, I have been through it.

I got an anonymous text. Yes, anonymous because a certain coward couldn't tell me who it was. The text said that they loved me but I depend so much on my beauty that I have yet to experience true humility.

I say this to YOU, Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous....where were you when I was being held down and feces stuffed in mouth? Or when I lost a baby. Where were you when I felt like dying? Where were you when I almost did die? They spoke of how I live at home with my mom...but do they know why? Clearly not.

No where.

They have NO clue to what my life has been. Clearly they don't read my blog or "Care" enough to have a real conversation. They also said I keep life at a distance...I dont' This is my first time in MY life I am living life. The good, the bad, the ugly.

I share with you guys because I want you to know that shit that has happened to me, BRUISED ME. But it didn't BREAK me. 

This anonymous did piss me off but it made me realize that some people LEFT my life because GOD removed them for me. For my well-being. For my safety. Why would I want someone like this is in my life? Someone who apparently cares for me yet knows nothing of me. I don't.

God is so good to me. Even when he's teaching me lessons.

Even when I say "Oh why God?" and start losing faith...he is so good!

Thank you to whoever sent this anonymous text. It made me appreciate all those who have stuck by me through the humility and made sure to laugh with me, instead of at me.

Thank you for reassuring me why your not in my life.

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