Saturday's WIth Stef: I am Broke But I Am Alive

12:00 AM

I'm not gonna sit here and hide the truth from you. I have been depressed lately. When I say depressed, I mean I don't want to get up. I'm eating junk and I am crying out of the blue. In public and all. I have been miserable. 

The job I wanted and got, is going through a buy. I am uncertain of I still got the job. I cried and cried. I wanted that job, I may still have it but again, I wont believe it until I do the paperwork. The atmosphere, getting to HELP people...I felt at home.

Lost people who didn't want to see me grow and ENJOYED me hitting rock bottom. It became so overwhelming that I I just became a hermit.

But I am alive.

I've been through worse shit. I am proof that darkness is needed to grow.

I am alive.

That's all that matters right?

I am broke but at least I am alive.

I am surrounded by people who LOVE to see me grow. Who are there for me. REGARDLESS of my situation. Whether I am rich, poor, fat, skinny, in or out...I love I have allowed God to do what he needs to do just so I can become a better woman.

Granted I have been crying, I realized IA MA ALIVE.

Life cant get any worse and the only way to go from here is UP. 

I'm broke but I am alive.

I trust in God. I know he knows that this test he is putting me through is teaching me a lesson. I often wish I knew what that lesson was but so far, I see the lesson is knowing who is on your team for good. 

I trust he will make my sadness go away.

I am broke....



Anonymous said...

Wow steff loved this post you never know what someone is going through you keep your head high good things are going to come your way you're such and inspiration to many I appreciate your openness and honesty xoxo Cynthia m

Unknown said...

I feel your pain love. I hate to see you go through this, but I DO want to tell you that this post was beyond inspiring to me. I have been depressed myself and this post spoke to me in so many ways. Thank you for helping me realize that I may be broken, but the pain is temporary and I AM alive!