Saturday's with Stef: $348

12:00 AM

$348 Left to last me three months. Thank God I have my family who feeds me and provides me with shelter. That I have to give an AMEN! too! I know many don't have that.

That number in bank account bothers me. I have been applying everywhere. Sometimes I sit back and think, "It's not what you know, but who you know." But I can't complain anymore. There are people who have it worse off than me.

I know if I keep doing my part, God will do his. He has NEVER let me go without. I know someday when I have kids, they will keep faith like me during this time.

I just want a job I love. A job that loves me. A job that doesn't feel like a job. I want life to finally fall into place for me. I want to be able to breathe and say, "AHHHH" I don't want to have to try to stretch out $348 bucks over a span of 3 months just so I can pay for my needs (Kotex, deodorant, etc.)

I have faith. I think I had lost it the last few months. I felt so betrayed by the world. I couldn't even be happy I was alive and healthy. I was just so stuck on "why me?"

I guess I just got sick and tired of crying every day. Or as I like to believe God took away my pain and said, "Trust me. Something great is coming."

I have faith.

Oh yes I do!


MACHOfox said...

Look into how you can get $40 worth of product for less than $10 by couponing, my gf does it all the time you can do it too, God Bless..

Anonymous said...

Hi Stef! I know exactly what you are going thru because I am in the same situation. I am almost 26, living with my dad, and so lost/disappointed. Keep strong and hold on to that faith.

"Fear can keep up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow."

Unknown said...

Keep your head up! We've all been there. Things will get better.

864 said...

I don't know exactly where you live, but I am going to provide with some websites where you can look for work if you haven't already. I know I may be a stranger, but I can critique your resume for you or i can even send you one of mine so you can see how to tweak a resume to the different jobs you are paling for.

you can email me privately if you like.