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I am so blessed. Work has been so, great! No other word to explain it. Granted, it's something I will have to learn but I am so thankful I have coworkers who are teaching me and a boss who believes in me. The staff is wonderful.

I am unsure of what life will deal me. But going through that storm has shown me that every time a storm comes, I have survived. I may not have walked out the same Stefanie as I walked in, but I came out. Better, stronger, wiser and grateful.

I guess that is the thing about life storms. Thery change you. I saw peoples true colors. I saw how selfish, selfless , positive and negative people can me. I saw who was just using me to thier own benefit and who truly is my FRIEND. Not even my own "best friend" came out the storm my best friend. I guess that's life though right. You grow up and it's about quality and not quanity. 

I know happiness and sadness is temporary. All I can do is never give up despite the setbacks I have. God will give me all that I deserved because I ahve worked for it. I have earned it on my own.

I know God, my grandpa and my grandma are all watching out for me. I know God has amazing things planned for me. 

I am so grateful that my heart is overwhlemed with it.

It's gonna burst with graititude for the Lord.

He heard my nights of nothing but cries. He felt the pain in my heart and my prayers. 

He heard.

He hears.

God is so good and I will praise him when I am up and when I am down.

I am living life:





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Big Mark 243 said...

... I am glad that your growth have turned you into such a beautiful and mature young woman... hope that next year is even better for you..!