Saturday's with Stef: I'm in a relationship....

10:29 PM

That's right ladies and gentlemen...I have a boyfriend!

A man who makes me laugh. Holds a conversation. Pays attention to details about me. Does things, the rest NEVER have done.

I am learning a whole lot, mind you.

Trying not to carry past relationships hurt, mistakes or insecurities.

We aren't perfect. Not even normal. But I am happy. 

A man who accepts my past. Accepts my goals and ambitions and most of accepts me for me.

A man who laughs at my stupid jokes.

A man who has a past. A history. A struggle. 

A man who has done the smallest things for me.

He's wonderful and I am so glad my family loves him.

Here's to our future.

Here's to US.

Here's to something wonderful.


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LaaLaa said...

As long as you're smiling and feeling loved. I'm smiling and I love him too haha xo Love you baby boo! You deserve a man who gives as much as you can give and more xo