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Best Teeth Whitening
Ever buy a teeth whitening kit from a drug store and realized it it didn't cover every inch of your teeth? Frustrating right? I don't know about you but that is my number one pet peeve when it comes to teeth whitening.

Never fear though! Smile Brilliant is here!

You're probably looking at this picture and wondering, "What is all this stuff? Smile Brilliant provides custom fitted trays to give you the best whitening teeth care as possible!

So what is all this stuff and how does Smile Brilliant exactly work? Well, let me show you!

When you first get your kit, you will have to make a mold of your teeth as I show you below.

Once you are done, your mold should look similar to mine.

You then send your molds back to the lab with the pre-paid packaging they give you and wait for a week or so for you trays to be returned.

Mine looked like this.
Once you get your trays back, the whitening process begins!

You first start with the whitening gel. Applying a thin layer of gel to the front of your trays.

Pop those babies in and wait for 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your sensitivity and use once daily.

3 syringes (3ml ea = 9ml total) teeth whitening gel – Good for 9 to 12 whitening sessions

6 syringes (3ml ea = 18ml total) teeth whitening gel – Good for 18 to 24 whitening sessions 
 syringes (3ml ea = 27ml total) teeth whitening gel – Good for 27 to 36 whitening sessions

Once you finished the first phase you you move on to the Desensitizing Gel phase for those sensitive teeth. 

The same process as you did with the Whitening Gel is the same one you follow. Except this time, you leave this one on for 10-15 minutes. It's best you not eat or drink for up to 30 minutes after whitening your teeth. Also, the syringe uses are the same as the whitening syringes (see above)

So what are the end results.

 Here are mine:

Worked amazing! I would highly recommend this product! By far the best whitening system I have ever used!
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