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What was life like before I had my son?

I look back on posts and previous "Saturday's With Stef" posts and read nothing but sadness. I do remember two years ago getting ready for a night out. It was usually a friends house, but still. At 10 p.m I would getting ready at times. Most of the time, well majority, I stood home cuddled up with Chloe.

I was driving today and all I heard was Noah laughing. Then we got home and I placed him in his swing. Before I could strap him in, he wiggled so hard and flipped out my hands. He ddint fall far but he screamed bloody murder for less than a minute and went back to laughing. The laughing I hearf while in the care.

I felt like a horrible mom. I was shaking and crying for a good 30 minutes. Maybe up to an hour. So I spoiled him with gifts. He needed toys anyways. Now that he can sit up. He needs more stimulation toys. So I bought him some.

See, I dunno where I would be right now without my son. Still crying? Feeling sorry for myself? 

I cant remember my life before him

and I like it that way. 

I know some day I will remember those days. But for now, I look forward to the days ahead with this little human.

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