Keep Your Future Bright with the Right Eye Protection

1:39 PM

I call my blog If Curves Could Talk for good reason, but If my curves could sing, the song you’d hear is My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades, and believe me, they would be some fly Ray Ban shades. I love the stylish look of these classic beauties. Their iconic Aviators not only look good, they offer protection from the harmful UV or ultra violet sun rays. They even have Ray Ban styles for children that you can customize. I can’t wait to go twinning with my little one in our stylish Ray Ban Aviators. 
Moms, be careful about putting your infant child down in the sun. We are prone to putting our babies down on their backs. When we do, if they are outdoors they are exposed to the sun’s rays. Even if you put them on their stomachs, as soon as they learn to turn over, they are so pleased with their new skill they turn over just for fun. Make sure you protect your child’s eyes and yours by using a great UV blocker like Ray Ban sunglasses. You can snag a pair right now for a deep discount if your shop for them through the Groupon site. They are offering great deals like $115 for Women’s Bestsellers and top-rated sunglasses for as low as $70 and they have plenty of special Groupon codes and exclusives to save you even more. And you can quickly qualify for free shipping. Using Groupon is so easy, especially when you use your smart phone to shop, click and save. 
 Too many people underestimate the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The UV index was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Weather Service to make us more aware of the risks of sunburn, skin cancer and eye damage from exposure to the suns radiation. You can’t see it, but you can suffer greatly from it if you don’t use a blocker. Ray Ban set out so solve this problem for pilots way back in the early days of aviation. Today we still benefit from their research. The closefitting, wraparound frame of the Aviator style is still one of the most iconic and popular because it offers great protection, and looks so darn cool.

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