Review: LulaRoe with Jess & Joe

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Okay, let me start this review off by pointing out TWO key factors:
KEY FACTOR # 1: I WAS anti-LulaRoe. Granted, I loved the cute donut and pizza prints, I never understood why women all over the world went crazy over it.
KEY FACTOR # 2: I HATE leggings. The thought of leggings makes my skin crawl. I ahve been that way since I was little.
Well, My cousin and his fiance challenged me to the LuluRoe test. I accepted. Hesitant, yet curious!
Jessica gave me three pieces.
Here are my two looks and my thoughts. Y'all ready for this?
The first look is :
Skirt: Cassie


Okay you guys. I felt so beautiful in this skirt. And this is coming from a woman who doesn't wear bright colors in public. Or print bottoms for that matter. The blouse was comfortable and the skirt was beyond comfortable. I didn't feel constrained and or restricted in it. Breathable and not to mention- How cute do I look? (Yes I am tooting my own horn!)
Second Look :
Blouse: Irma
Leggings: TC Leggings


Okayyyyyy- These leggings feel like butter! So smooth! I didnt even feel one ounce of "ick!" in them. The are beyond amazing and here it goes: I AM IN LOVE!! 
Again I dont wear patterns on my bottom half. But look how amazing they make my butt look? And all the hard work I ahve been putting into my weight loss journey shows ina great way with these!
So , before you think I am promoting my cousin and his beautiful fiance...Im not. I simply wanted to be the judge of Luluroe. 
I hope to find a pair of donut leggings and add to my collection in the future.
To see more LuluRoe, Head on over to:
and their Instagram:
to see what they have in store!
P.S: No joke....they feel like butta on my legs!


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