REVIEW: The Bandit Shop

12:00 AM

When I was heavier, I was big busted and didn't have the confidence to wear a sexy bra. Now that I had a baby and lost weight, Confidence is EVERYTHING! I am still big busted and still struggle with finding the perfect sexy bra. I got the chance to team up with The Bandit Shop and let you all in on the confidence a bra or lingerie can give you. 

After spending years on granny bras and paying a fortune for a high end bra, CEO Simona created a large bust shopping service to help us big busted women feel sexy and confident. Bye! Bye! Granny bras! Hello sexy and comfortable!

The Bandit Shop offers European bras made for full figures (40-48 / DD - K Cups) at up to 50% off their retail price. They also have an easy fitting system. Because let's face it, not all boobs are created equal and we all are different kinds of queens.

You know I struggled with feeling sexy after my son. In fact, the mister often asked why I don't wear sexy things. So he was really surprised when he saw me in my bra sent from The Bandit Shop. Getting my size was easy as 1-2-3! So even though it says European, don't worry American's , you too can shop here!

The bras are beautiful and they offer a variety of styles in order for you slay! 

I feel like I preach it to you ALL the time, but feeling sexy is a key part of confidence. I love everything that The Bandit Shop stands for and it goes in hand with what I stand for: Loving your curves and all!

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