Saturday’s with Stef

3:41 PM

I once read a quote online that said “Bloom where you are planted.” I struggled after motherhood with my body. I lost a ton of weight, went on vacation and gained it back. It’s the gaining 40lbs that I really did struggle with. I have no clothes my size . All small and o refuse to buy a ton of newer ones. 

Bloom where you are planted. So here I am PLANTEDand blooming!  Yes blooming! I am getting in the picture, wearing a tankini, wearing shorts and not afraid of my body! I am teaching my son self-love. I am showing him that I am happy where I am planted. I never want him thinking I am so obsessed with my weight that it prevented us from having fun. I am planted. I am

I hope you are blooming where you are planted . I hope that you bloom so much that others want to bloomtoo ❤️

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