10 point Taco Salad!

12:26 AM

Last night my mom and I had a PERFECT idea for dinner. 


Shells: We got the taco salad molds and used Flour tortillas. Don't know what a Taco Salad Tortilla Mold is...? Click here!

We baked it until it was golden.

What was included in our Taco Salad?

-A Flour tortilla obviously

-Refried Beans




-Bacon bits

IN MINE, I added green olives and salsa.

The points may vary among the products but mine came out to 10. 

Just an easy, simple dinner suggestion that is LOW in cost and in CALORIES!


JStar said...

It looks good! I am so proud of you :)

Stephie J said...

I need one of those taco shell maker thingys .. soo coool!! I love taco salad!