Elliptical: My enemy and my best friend

12:30 AM

So the first time I got on the Elliptical, I died in a minute! No joke. I was SO SORE. This was back when the ex lived with me and brought his to the house. Now, y'all know recently, I have been going to the gym. The FIRST time on the v at the gym I lasted a whole two minutes. I was sweating ( and I HATE to sweat), I was sore, I didn't even know certain spots in my body could ache. The second time, I went for 16 minutes. Now this third time...I conquered a good 35 minutes on it and I was PROUD! I seriously almost felt as if I won a gold medal. *Go me!* 

So with that said, if you DO go to the gym, what kind of machines do you use?

And if you don't, Have you EVER tried this damn machine?


Melissa said...

Lol congrats!!!!!

When I go to the gym I do the stairmaster - I was getting really good doing about 30-40 mins but now I can barely do 15 so I have to build myself up for that again

I do the treadmill- to me this is kinda boring but also very standard I try to run on it but that never works out but I do about 20-30 mins

I just discovered the elliptical and it's becoming my new love...I am like so pumped after getting on it. I got on it for about 35 mins

I am also trying to get into the habit of doing strength training, like today I did leg presses and leg curls

It was my first day officially back, I can tell you that the gym becomes this things that like food your body starts to crave!!! GET IT!

Style Chic 360 said...

I also HATED the elliptical machine!!! But a few months back I said I would give it try for starters 10 minutes after I did my normal cardio, and to my surprise I survived.

I upped it the next time and actually can last on it for 30 minutes now.

I still hate it, but at least I'll get on it!

Great job!

Moya2bean said...

oh man your making me wanna work out! I wanna start getting back into sjape i think, your motivating me for real :)