I cheated...

12:02 AM

So yesterday my grandpa was admitted into the hospital for Congestive hear failure. I have a weird way of showing I am nervous or stressed...I either A)Make selfish remarks or just seem like I don't care or B) eat...and guess what I did...BOTH! Not to mention last week I was PMS'ing (TMI) and I was on eating overload...so the weekend , had a weak end. 

I cheated on my diet...I ate EVERYTHING! 
I'm human and I get this week is a new week, which by the looks, I wont be able to weigh in until Sunday. So with that said, Any words of encouragement, because I feel really bad about NOT dieting yesterday
However, in an article "Cheating on your diet to increase fat loss" on Calorie Count (Click on the link to read the article) it says cheating one day to boost yourself from a plateau (which I am at since I didn't gain or lose last week) one must cheat or UP their calories and it's proven to work...so HOPEFULLY this is what I need. 



Fragancia said...

i've heard a lot of times that you should cheat once in a while to feel good and relaxed! :)
and oh best wishes for your grandfather i hope he gets well soon

Style Chic 360 said...

I hope your grandfather is ok.

Sun said...

God bless you fam .. I hope your grandfather is doing better ! thank you for the blog love too !
following <3

Unknown said...

Best wishes to your grandfather doll. Hope he feels and gets better soon.

And hey it's ok to cheat once in a while..You're gorgeous anyway! ;)


Rawr Girl said...

Prayers for your grandfather!

Cheating to bust a plateau sounds fun.

Nothingordinarystyle said...

Praying for your grandfather and hey don't worry about your diet just get back on track family first, continued blessings.

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Thank to EVERYONE! My grandpa is doing well and will be out tomorrow!