Just a pretty face

12:09 AM

It's rare that someone tells me, "You have a pretty body", in fact 99% of the time I get the "You have a really pretty face" commentIt really is a disappointment and plays with my self-esteem. Sometimes, it would be nice to have a man want my body. But then, I know my momma raised me right. A real man would want my heart and soul. I think this comes after looking at Facebook pictures. Most are of my face. Shoot, If I had the body, my booty would be in a bikini every chance I get. But sadly, I am still uncomfortable with my body.
Sure there are men who LOVE my curves. They like boobs, I have huge ones. They like booty, I have a huge one! I have hips and creamy thighs...one minor problem, my tummy. I honestly feel like my tummy is the only BAD thing about me. Other than that, I am pretty happy with myself. 

I was just thinking and looking through my Facebook, when people say, "You're hot!" I think, "They haven't seen my fat ass!" But I was talking to my friend Stephanie today and I said, "At least your not ugly. You can change fat, you cant change ugly" which is true. I shouldn't be so "Poor me I am just a pretty face" because in all actuality I could have it way worse! At least I am doing something about this tummy of mine.

Have you ever been told you have a pretty face?

Do you see that as a negative or positive comment?


safire said...

I grew up being told that and I hid behind that compliment saying to myself "at least I have a pretty face"

I find myself resenting men now at my lower weight who pay attention to me now even though it's not their fault what they are attracted to. My boyfriend met me at my higher weight and saw me at my highest and stuck by me. My sister says you are lucky he's a "face man" meaning it doesn't matter my weight because of my face. Now though he appreciates my smaller body because I'm happier and more enthusiastic about trying new things.

You are gorgeous in all your pictures and I miss my curves especially my boobs. Thankfully I still have a butt.

Stephie J said...

pretty face is an understatement! Plus your bod is already hot and you're working on it so... it will be hotter!!

Style Chic 360 said...

I see it as positive! :)

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Traci Marie Wolf said...

You DO have a pretty face, I hate to tell you but it's true and you DO indeed work the hourglass figure, I think you have a great body! I know one day your confidence will be unwavering and not only will you have a man who appreciates your brains but drools for your curvaceous body and pretty face.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Oh I get cute all the time. I hate being cute. I guess it's the anti-age serum. Just be cute and you'll be eternally 12.

Nekiah Torres said...

You are beautiful...on both the inside and out. Any man would be lucky to have you. If they can't accept ALL of you...heart, body and mind then you don't need them! I used to get told this all the time. When I was thin it was YOU are fine...now it is your FACE is so pretty. This is why I started my blog. I too was dealing with body image issues because of all the "pretty face" comments...I mean I wouldn't even take a picture! Now I embrace me ENTIRELY and I am becoming more and more comfortable with my body. I want to lose 40lbs. for health reasons but I am going to take it one day at a time. Excellent post. Thank you for your comment. Kiah

Barry said...

Honey I think you're gorgeous from head to toe. Show as much or as little of yourself in photos but I'll tell you that whatever I do see is hella sexy.

Inside or out you are


more than just a pretty face, please always remember that. Love you girl. Mwuah.