No Soda!

12:45 AM

I took on the challenge of NO SODA. I actually survived. I feel less bloated, I don't feel gassy, ,my skin is clearing up, I also have brighter and whiter teeth! I really thought about my addiction to Coca-Cola. Having an ex who is an ACTUAL drug addict, I kind of felt like a hypocrite. Here I was, so against him doing drugs and here I was drinking Coca-Cola CONSTANTLY and if I didn't have it, I'd shake, I'd get headaches...It honestly felt like a "Come Down." I know, sounds so weird, but I really thought about it. All the addictions we have as humans. 

So what is your addiction?


Style Chic 360 said...

I'm addicted to my iPhone!

I gave up pop a few months ago. I only miss it when I need something a little stronger when i need to burp. lol

safire said...

I'm on social networking sites way too much. Good luck with staying away from soda. My bf had the same problem!

Unknown said...

i know what you feel like. i was addicted to soda for so long, but stopped a few years ago. it made a HUGE difference!

now, i'm addicted to my blackberry. there's no if ands or buts about it, lol. at least its waht i call a "safe addiction". LOL.


Unknown said...

I haven't totally given up on soda, i'm down to one can a day, that's all i'm allowing myself to have. I have a candy problem. love candy!!

Barry said...

I'm addicted to secrets. I'm way too curious, always want to know everything.

Sometimes I'll be having a conversation with someone and mention (as an example) that I had a naughty, sexual chat with a friend. They'll treat it with the same level of interest as if I were telling them about a family get-together. If it were me I'd want to hear every single little detail. It's terrible, lol!