VLOG : Growing a "Pair" & Insecurity

12:26 AM


Rawr Girl said...

You remind me SOOOOO much of Ashley Graham who is this drop dead gorgeous plus-sixe model. I know you don't want to hear "you have a pretty face" but girl, you have a model's face AND model's hair. Your eyes AND your lips are to die for (most women only have one gorgeous facial feature -- I have the eyes, I'm told, but I def don't have the lips).

Anyway, I have a folder on my comp filled with pictures of Ashley Graham that I look at when I need to remember that you don't have to be thin to be beautiful. Many times it will give me the confidence I need when I'm ready to go somewhere but am feeling self-conscious and not good enough.

You are going to be so beautiful (physcially, from what I can tell, you already beautiful on the inside)when you reach goal, that guys will be falling all over you, so becuase of that, and I am dead serious, I would def try to find a guy now, who you will always know loves you for who you are now. If you wait till you are a "out-of-your-mind-hot" to find a guy, there will always be that lingering fear of does he only like me becuase I'm thin, would he have loved me then, would he love me if I gained some back, etc.

I say go for it. Find a real man who loves you for your soul (and your model-perfect face, lol), and then wham him when he wakes up one day to find out he with a could be super-model. :)

JStar said...

Aww we meet Stef :) I know ALL about insecurity but mine is the opposite of yours. One thing, DONT settle just to have someone around...When you get lonely, people start looking good who are no good for you. I say give a signal or two that you are interested and then let him come to you. Because if he truly wants you, then he will do anything to have you. To me yea its ok to approach a guy but it does look a little desperate. You want a man who will jump hoops for you to notice him and treat you the way you deserve to be treated...