Weight Watcher's Weekly Weigh-In: 7 POUNDS gained!

12:00 AM

I gained!


Point is...I can lose those pounds I gained. The scale does not define me. It does not reflect who I am.

So I got back on track. 

Thats all I can do is get back on the train.

I can change my weight. And honestly, I can change what I can and I gotta leave what I can't to the man above.

I also am getting back into MOVING! MOVING! MOVING!

Which means exercise.

See, 7 pounds can be lost, my self-worth though will not be lost on that scale. 

So at least I am back on track:

Eating right (As in portions and healthy choices)




Big Mark 243 said...

It is cool... I am going through the same thing this week as school has caught up with me and left me a little too tired to do anything... the key is not to let it drag on and have one week become two...

...besides, you are looking great..!


Theresa said...

you look great still and those 7lbs will be gone by the end of the week <3

Anonymous said...

As you told me!! We can do it!!! Let's control what we can control and let everything else work itself out...You on the west coast and me on the east coast we will cheer each other on!!!

WitchHazel said...

It's all good, Stef! They will come off just as easy as they went on ;) Glad to see this didn't put a dent in your motivation/determination!

Chay Chay said...

no worries girl, you are A O-K! those 7 pounds will come off in a jiffy...you're still GORGEOUS love, no matter what : )

bananas. said...

keep that positive attitude up and spread it cuz lord knows there are way too many crabby and unhappy people.

seven pounds, shmeven pounds...you got this girl. you can do it!!!

Nekiah Torres said...

Well said! I've gained 8. So my new goal is to lose 10 over the next month! We can do it!Kiah