5 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Natural Beauty

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5 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Natural Beauty

If you listen to some people, plastic surgery is the only way to keep your natural beauty as you age. That’s simply not true. There are plenty of ways to improve and maintain your beauty without a facelift or an eyelift.

Celebrities from Bruce Jenner to Joan Rivers have had trips with plastic surgeons which they regret. Don't make that mistake. You can keep your natural beauty by following these five tips.

1. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It plays an important role in both health and appearance. Healthy skin requires a few things like:

• Adequate hydration. Your skin needs moisture daily. Drink plenty of water and use a good moisturizer for double-barreled hydration. Try to avoid lotions with too many chemicals.

• Proper nutrition. Your skin requires the correct building blocks so it can stay supple and wrinkle-free. Any foods with anti-oxidants will help eliminate free radicals that cause internal damage to your skin. Nuts and fish oils add essential fatty acids that keep the moisture in the cells. Olive oil, turkey and whole grain breads help resist damage from oxidants.

• Environmental protection. Shield yourself from direct sunlight. Use a good sunblock with a high SPF content. Zinc oxide permits your skin to breathe and keeps your pores clear. Wash your face regularly with a mild soap and exfoliate every few days. To avoid the type of wrinkles that require an
eyelift, don’t smoke tobacco.

2. To keep your hair looking its best, don’t over-process it. Harsh dyes or bleaches can ruin your hair’s moisture balance, making it look frizzy and dry. Wash your hair with a mild, natural shampoo in cool water to seal in moisture. Condition it every time you wash it. Apply keratin every few months to keep your hair strong and silky. If you spend hours in the sun, use a sunblock on your hair.

3. You can get the results of a
facelift without going under the knife. Having healthy, soft skin is a great start, so be sure to stick with a good hydration and nutrition plan. To tighten up your face, try facial exercises. They’re easy to do, effective, cheaper than a facelift and you can do them while you’re reading, watching TV or driving your car. Contrary to popular opinion, facial exercises don’t cause wrinkles.

Dry skin causes wrinkles. Facial exercises tone the facial muscles and prevent wrinkles by keeping your skin tight. If you suffer from dark eye circles, try getting more rest. It’s not called “your beauty sleep” for nothing. You can also apply cucumber juice or almond oil with honey to your dark circles for a topical treatment.

4. Hands can give away your age quickly. To avoid dry, wrinkly hands, following these steps for
healthy skin.

-Use a natural moisturizer on your hands twice a day.

-Do hand exercises like squeezing a tennis ball or handling meditation balls to keep your hands strong and your skin flexible.

-Keep your fingernails trimmed and filed for a neat, hygienic appearance.

5. A healthy, balanced diet that's rich in vegetables and fruits and low in saturated fats and sugar will keep your body looking its best. Exercise as often as possible for at least 30 minutes at a time. Working out will keep your blood pressure in check, your weight low and your attitude positive. By avoiding stress, you also add that extra factor that makes everyone look their best—a big smile.


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Very useful tips, I'm glad I follow must of them :)

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So helpful :) Thanks <3

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Awesome tips, very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great weekend.

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Great post! EVERYONE should take these tips into consideration!

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