Saturday's with Stef: S-L-O-W

7:38 AM

My last relationship was a RUSH. It was passionate, it was intense and it was to the extreme. Ive come to the conclusion, that when a man sweeps you off your feet THAT fast, he is in THE PERFECT position to drop you on the damn floor!

I started thinking about the relationship and how fast it was. Then I started to thinking about how slow dating is. It's slow. Sometimes too slow. Then I think, "Stefanie its because you are used to FAST paced. You are used to someone sweeping you off your feet from the get go and having it be the whirl-wind romance." 

Slow is what I need. Maybe, Love isn't suppose to be from the GET-GO. Its suppose to grow and take time. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. Sometimes I panick. 




I then have to remember...EVERYTHING my ex did, was NOT healthy nor okay. I remember, my gut instinct is the biggest signal. 

I know I am not the only one who hasnt been in a healthy, normal, loving relationship...there are many girls who don't know either.

I sometimes thank God for not letting me have kids just yet. I thank him for making me see the light. But parts of me are so anxious to know where I and gonna end up and with who. I think one of my biggest fears in life are not finding someone to grow old with and not having a family.

So with that said...slow is all I can afford right now


Style Chic 360 said...

I feel the same way you do...

I guess we just have to be patient.

Barry said...

I absolutely 100% know it'll happen for you Stef. You're too amazing for it not to.

Love you always. xo

Unknown said...

SLOW is a great pace!

I'm with you!



Marta said...

Rushing to anything in life is never good, things will happen when they need to.

Nekiah Torres said...

Girl you are beautiful! Where did you find those fabulous sunnies? I know God has the perfect man for you. Wait on the Lord! Kiah

Style4Curves said...

Fast paced is not always boyfriend and I had a whirlwind romance and we are still together 2 years matter how fast or slow u date if it's meant to be it will

Cynthia Martinez said...

The KEY in any relationship is your GUT INSTINCT. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go...inner you always has the answers and you have to be open to and aware of the messages the universe is sending you. Sometimes people feel fast paced is 'no bueno' because many times it is becoming fast paced because you as a person have lost your say in the relationship.(in other words it feels fast paced because someone else is controlling the ride and you are are only focused on the highs and not aware of the lows to come).

However, you deciding to go slow may be your way of making sure you are keeping you in the relationship...and you can never go wrong with that :)For example I always took it slow..until I met the hubby...and can we say fast paced? We got eloped 6 mo's into knowing each other, 6 yrs later still together..not always happy but always willing to make it work! Happy dating!

Monique said...

I totally understand where you are coming from and let me tell you honey, slow is best. Enjoy it so that you can look back over it and talk about how great it was.

Bronzed Humanity said...

Great post! I have also learned slow is where it is at! Drives me nuts...but gets me farther!

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WitchHazel said...

"Ive come to the conclusion, that when a man sweeps you off your feet THAT fast, he is in THE PERFECT position to drop you on the damn floor!" <=Truest words ever! I just wish I would have realized that before it happened to me. Great post Stef!