REVIEW: Kushyfoot Flats to go and Microfiber Crew Socks

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I was sent these two items by Kushyfoot, one pair of Flats to go & one pair of Microfiber Crew Socks. I really was stoked to get another pair of "Flats to go" As you all know I reviewed the Dr.Scholl's ones for my birthday (HERE) So lets begin!


Very cute, fun, and flirty to me! 

After walking around in them, I found them to be VERY comfortable, now as comfortable as the Dr.Scholl's? No. But comfy enough.
As you can see, the bottom has a grip and so does the inside. This is for comfort and grip...Does a decent job I must say. Didn't get my feet sweaty at all, and actually stayed on my feet. The ONLY gripe I have about these are the patterns. They come in black,gold,silver, cream, zebra print, snake print, and alligator print. If you CANNOT match the pattern flats to your dress, your are better off with a solid color. It also comes with a CLEAR pouch to easily out in your purse.


Comfort:5 out of 5
STYLISH: 4 out of 5
(AGAIN they offer prints too so it was very fun but you need to match and I wish the pouch was more prettier)

OVER ALL: 4 out of 5

I could look PAST the fact I will have to wear all black to use the flats, If I had choice, I would also get the gold and silver ones.

You can find them HERE

Now onto the 

Microfiber Crew Socks

Ill be honest. I HATE nylons. I don't wear them and ever since I was a kid, HAVEN'T! But I put them on for the sake of you guys (Just kidding)

Since I don't take very well to this kind of fabric, it was not pleasant for me, but I sucked it up anyways. They were comfortable (aside from me not liking nylon) and very SOFT to walk in. Why? Because the bottom of them had extra cushion to make your feet feel like you were walking on marshmallows instead of a hard ground.


5 out 5 least for someone who HATES nylons lol

You can find Kushyfoot products HERE

or log on to:


Dawniepants said...

Oh those look so cute!


Debz Salazar said...

those look comfy!

Anonymous said...

very cute

Marta said...

Cute :)

Nitika Bhatia said...

you have a great blog out here..
Following u now.. WOuld be glad if you stop my blog sometime & follow me back : )

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Great review Stef. The little flats are super cute. Have a great Friday.

Unknown said...

thanks for the reviews! the flats are super cute!

Savannah said...

So funny that we both posted our reviews on the same day!


Unknown said...

those are so cute! :)

WitchHazel said...

My Mom got me some of those flats you can throw in your purse.. I believe they're the same brand, but I'm not positive. They're not the most cushy, but they're life savers when it comes time to kick those killer heels off!