Saturday's with Stef: Just For Today

12:04 AM

I have to remember to breathe. It's a BAD habit of mine that I sometimes forget too.
Lately life has been throwing me some balls (get your mind out of the gutter!). Some I catch and others I drop. It's a part of life, you win some, you lose some. C'est la vie! 

I have been in a mode where I need to put ME first. And yes, my world has been shaken up (probably still is shaking) and I have been asked to do various things by friends, family and whoever else needs my help. I am in NO financial position to be forking out money left and right. I can barley afford some necessities as it is. Over the past few months I have been referring this to my "Mis Manos en el aire" phase..or in English, "My hands are in the air." This phase is where I simply surrender and live JUST FOR TODAY. 
Honestly lately, that's all I can live for. JUST FOR TODAY. Sometimes, JUST FOR THIS MOMENT. In all honesty, I have only had 4 friends call me or message me on a DAILY basis to see how I am. Granted, people have lives, but the true test of friendship is when the smoke clears and someone is still standing there. Friendship isn't measured by longevity...its measured by the moments they were there for you in a time of need. 

I can ONLY live for JUST FOR TODAY lately...anything else ASKED of me will be thrown on the back burner if "JUST FOR TODAY" doesn't include a necessity... I am just trying to survive, keep afloat, and remain as crazy, sexy, cool, calm and collected as possible. 



Kelly said...

Stef - I literally wrote about putting myself first just last night! I know exactly what you mean, I know exactly how you feel. We are the most important people we need to focus on right now. :)

CynthiaAvaDevta said...

Great post. Wow. You have four people who actually text you every day to see how you are doing? That is four more than me! I have never even thought about it, honestly. I guess I have just grown used to taking care of myself and not expecting anything, really. Life is definitely throwing curve balls lately. But we'll be stronger for it when things settle down. I try to remember there are lessons in everything. Love ya, Sis.

Anonymous said...

i always enjoy reading your post, and as always i AGREE

Marta said...

Always put yourself first!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed my Saturday with you! This was a very enlightening post.

Nekiah Torres said...

I know how that is girl! Sometimes we can really stretch ourselves to the point were we are barely hanging on by a thread. I have been there. Helping everyone and doing for everyone and putting myself on the back burner then realizing....hey, what about me! It is a wonderful thing to have a giving heart and to have the heart of a servant but don't let people take your meekness for weakness Stef. Set boundaries for yourself as far as how much you will do and give and when you reach the line, don't cross it. Good friends are surely hard to find. People let you down but God never will. I encourage you to draw closer to HIM! Love your new motto, we must live day to day! Kiah