Weight Watcher's Weekly Weigh-In: 2.8 POUNDS LOST!

12:00 AM

Ladies & Gentlemen I have lost 2.8 Pounds this week! Which brings me to a total loss of  32 pounds THUS far and I am still going. It hasn't been a cake walk. I sometimes HATE counting points. I hate having to choose the  11 point turkey burger over the big fat 35 point cheeseburger. Times I just felt so sad over gaining ounces. But as I grew to the program, I also grew. THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE... See this woman:

I will NEVER go back to being her! I really cant imagine my life without this Lifestyle. Even though this is my FOURTH time on Weight Watchers, the point is, THAT girl...I don't even know her. I remember being so sad back then. I remember eating whatever I wanted and not caring. I also remember not being able to walk long and every time someone at work (I worked at a Gym) suggested I work out, I said "I love my curves!" Yeah, GREAT way of not seeing I had a problem.


I have got some NEGATIVE Nancy's saying I must starve myself...I don't. In fact, I dipped into my "Allowance points" for some mini-pancakes(4 points) from Jack-In-The Box

But I get so many emails about the program and EACH email has THE SAME line, "I'm gonna STARVE" NO YOU ARE NOT! If a FOOD-ADDICT like ME, can do this, so can you! 

And I love me some food!!

My mom and I do the program together. I really cant see myself in it with someone else. Its ALWAYS a plus to have a PIC to help with weight loss. My mom encourages me and vice-versa. POSITIVE SUPPORT IS A PLUS! And I have LOST friends. I got too small for them. I chose a turkey burger instead of a big fat burger and that wasn't cool to them. So I switched up my surrounds and my space. POSITIVITY ONLY! That is MY rule. If you ain't supporting me or bringing positivity...TO THE LEFT YOU GO!

I had a MINI-GOAL when I FIRST started this year to reach 185 by the 1st year completed of WW...I am 6 pounds away! I have until February 14th to reach that MINI-GOAL and then on to my next mini-goal!



StephieJ said...

You look FAB!!!! Keep it up hunny:)

Anonymous said...

you go girl!! keep it up!

Unknown said...

CHEERS DOLL 32 down and many more to go!!! Keep up the amazing job you're doing!

<3 Marina

Nikol said...

This is so very inspiring!! I have been very down these past few weeks because I am 3 sizes bigger than when I met my husband almost 5 years ago.

It's not about loving your curves, because I do love mine. I just want my curves to be more defined. I want to feel healthy. I want to hike more like I used to.

I think I might look at the WW site and try again.

Thanks for this post!!

Savannah said...

Go you!!!

Unknown said...

siguele hasta donde quieras :)
so inspiring!!!! BESOS

Kelly said...

Like! Like! Like!!! Like!! As someone who is only just now starting to love her curves and embrace her hour glass figure, I can appreciate this! So go, Steph!

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

Wow! Congratulations to you! You are rocking & I am glad you have a constant positive attitude and emphasize that goals are attainable for anyone!
Sigue adelante mujer!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

congrats babe! :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Vanessa said...

Cheers to you, indeed!

Unknown said...

Yay! congratulations Stef! you are awesome.

Nothingordinarystyle said...

CONGRATS! On your 32 pounds keep up the great work. I'm right there with you trying to get this weight off! Continued Success.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Yay! Great job!

WitchHazel said...

Great post Stef, just keep on going in the right direction ;)