Saturday's With Stef: My Stripes

1:00 AM

I am very aware of what I am fact, I sat on this for two whole weeks before I FINALLY said, "Do it Stef!"

These are my stripes

My stretch marks.

I never had them this bad until I lost weight. I never even knew they existed until I lost weight, but now, they are apart of who I am. This is what parts of my stomach looks like. Proud?  50/50...These stretch marks tell my story. A story of sadness. A story of finding happiness. A story of finding SELF-LOVE. 

So many women look at me and think I  have this GREAT body under my clothes. I don't. In fact, far from it. Heres me with clothes on...

No stripes! 

But this isnt about revealing myself.

Its letting women know that no body is a perfect body.

When I look at the first photo, I am reminded that I have come a LONG way and I will never, nor even strive to be, an Adriana Lima.  I am Stefanie. These are my stripes. These stripes symbolize my struggle. One I am working on STILL. Yes, I am VERY aware that the first picture isnt appealing to the opposite sex.

I am fully aware of that. I mean, let me be honest, being intimate with a man is on my "FREAK OUT" list. Let a man SEE my stripes? NERVE-WRECKING. But I read a Kat William quote and it made me giggle,
"We don't have no time to worry bout no sh** like stretch marks... They came from either 1 of 2 things... Either you was big & got small, or you were small & got big ! Either way we f***ing... Either Waaay!" 

I asked a few male friends about this and they agreed. I think as confident as I am, the stretch marks will always be a reminder to me that I am not perfect and no matter how much weight I lose, I still have my stripes. If a man digs my stripes, more power to him for actually looking past my beautiful flaw ( & we all know men get stretch marks too!)

This is me. Stretch marks and all. I love myself enough to say, "Take it or leave it" These stripes, these badges of being a woman, has molded me into who I am. I cannot change this. My stripes are HERE to stay no matter what I do to "lessen them"

So I say this to you....LOVE EVERY INCH OF YOURSELF.

There's no greater joy and feeling from LOVING YOURSELF.

You may have bad days, heaven knows I do, but love yourself and accept your flaws. Embrace em!





Stretch marks and all....


Jolene said...

Any good man will not care about your stretch marks....and if they do, they don't deserve you.

Kelly said...

Amen sister! Flaws are a part of life and a part of people. And I am only just starting to really love my flaws and my curves!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I'm proud of you Stef. you are a great example to many.

Anonymous said...

men don't care about stretch marks ;-)

Alladream said...

I appreciate this post so much!

Melissa said...

Because I jump from up and down I now have a lot more and they are more visable then before and I mention this to my hubby and he said "I like them" means you got some meat on you..So believe it or not some men out know that real women come with a couple of flaws!!!

Beautiful post- Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Terrific post! I too belong to the STRIPE CLUB! :) Thanks for always being open & honest! :)

Savannah said...

Great post Stef!
If a man truly loves you he'll accept everything.

Big Mark 243 said...

Since I have always liked full-figured girls, it never once made a difference to me... I kiss and touch what you call 'stripes' to let her know that they don't matter... neither do 'ripples and dimples'... I know they are there and if it mattered... well, Katt Williams said it best... we still f*ckin'..!

Nekiah Torres said...

This is a beautiful post Stef! I have my stripes too girl! I seriously don't think men give a hoot about stretch marks! lol You are so real & brave! Kiah

The Beauty and The Business said...

Good for you, wish I could feel that way about mine, even though I've been told they aren't that bad, they really stand out in the summer when I tan. Hopefully I can have your confidence about my stretch marks,

Unknown said...

My husband has that also from losing weight. It took me a long time to notice and yes I look at him A LOT. I have them thanks to my daughter and I PROUDLY call them my tiger stripes. Y que? You still look good.


StephieJ said...

I used to have really big ones. Ones that stood out A LOT. Now they have faded to my skin colour and you can barely see them :).

I don't care about them anymore either. They're attached to me and its shown that I have indeed gone from big to small.

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

I got my "stripes" from my kid... and I was so ashamed at first, but eff that- I EARNED those stripes! :)

Love this post!

WitchHazel said...

Love this post.. thanks for much for sharing with us ;]

Piksty said...

Everyone has stripes somewhere. Believe it or not me and most small girls my size has stretch marks on their but or thighs. I even have them on my boobs and i'm only a B cup. I first started getting them when I was about 13. So embrace look good girl and men like confident women.

Piksty :-)